Julie Roche

is having a lot of fun being
an art director and designer.


Target’s 2015 College campaign began by thinking less about going “back” to college, and focusing more on looking ahead at students’ college journey. We created a catalog that speaks to both parents and students, while showing off our revamped college product line (think on-trend, less juvenile, with some co-created with college students). The look is bold and aspirational while the tone is active, confident & generous. This POV helped us remember that we’re speaking to a college students, not pretending to be them. Through creating and leading the design and art direction, our approach resonated across multiple teams and agencies, driving and directing the campaign-wide work.

Creative Director: Kristen Gunderson
Art Directors & Designers: Julie Roche and Emily Reile
Photographers: Meredith Jenks, Wes Glenna, and Ben McKean
Writer: Aaron Muther
Production: Joe Danger

Recognition: Best Direct Mail Campaign at Minnesota AdFed's “The Show” 2016

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