Julie Roche

is having a lot of fun being
an art director and designer.


For the past 10 years, Target has been taking over a different Aspen, Colorado chalet during the week of the Winter X Games. The re-vamped chalet serves as a space for Target sponsored athletes and their families to stay and relax, while at night it becomes a party hot spot. 2014's Target Chalet was taken to new heights, exploring the similarities between Target's gravity-defying extreme athletes and NASA's long line of brave astronauts. We built an experience that entirely transformed a beautiful mountain home into an elevated, space-age world complete with portals, constellations, mission-control DJ booths, and eerie, life-sized athlete dioramas.
Creative Director: Phillip Clark
Designers & Art Directors: Julie Roche, Amanda Clark, and Phillip Clark
Copy Writer: Michael Behrends
Photographer: Chip Kalback

Recognition: 2014 Print Regional Design Awards

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