Julie Roche

is having a lot of fun being
an art director and designer.


Harry's 2019 Holiday season celebrates the journey home (or to wherever you're gathering) for the Holidays. I created bold, graphic patterns that nod to landscapes one might travel though, and partnered with illustrator Stephen Cheetham to adorn our packaging with playful illustrations of men on the go—shave foam beards and all. The result was custom Holiday razors and packaging that stood out from the Holiday masses, celebrating the season with joy and humor. Sets were sold in the US on Harrys.com and at Walmart and Target, as well as in the UK on Harrys.com and at Boot’s stored nationwide.
Packaging Design & Art Direction : Julie Roche
Photo Art Direction: Anora Collier & Adrien Grey
Illustration: Stephen Cheetham
Writer: Hadley Leary
Production: Justin Waldstein, Eliza Hack, and Amy Cortolano

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