Julie Roche

is having a lot of fun being
an art director and designer.


Harry’s and Flamingo came together to create a one-of-a-kind new product for Pride this year, offering a shave set with swappable blades for shaving both face and body. Hair is hair, after all. Together with artist Ohni Lisle, we created inclusive and elevated packaging for our limited edition razor set, featuring a booklet flap on the back with both instructional and editorialized content, including how-to swap blades instructions, and a profile of our artist partner, Ohni.

The set is sold in retail stores for the first time ever. 100% of the proceeds from the set benefit The Trevor Project.

Shop the set now on harrys.com, shopflamingo.com and Target.com
Packaging Design/Art Direction: Julie Roche and Aaron Garza
Photo Art Direction: Blair Van Nort & Nina Caldas
Illustration: Ohni Lisle
Copy: Hadley Leary, Tish Cook, and Sharon Weissburg
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