Julie Roche

is having a lot of fun being
an art director and designer.


Flamingo teamed up with the incomparable supermodel, mom, and body-positive pioneer Ashley Graham to create a limited edition offering of products. Included were items like a custom red handle, mesh pouch, wax kits with special instruction booklet featuring Ashley’s tips, and more.

We designed the razor and exfoliating mitt, as well as accompanying packaging, shippers, and collateral. We also created an eye-catching endcap at Target to celebrate the partnership, bringing Ashley’s  effervescent and welcoming personality to the forefront. 

Packaging Art Direction & Designer: Julie Roche & Rachel Quan
Photo Art Direction: Carla Poirier & Emma Reed
Writer: Gabby Noone
Production: Eliza Hack & Emily Mix

Awards & Recognition:
The partnership and packaging were featured on Refinery 29, Stylecaster, Grazia magazine, and Bloomberg, among others.


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